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Our management

Corporate Governance

Clearly structured and practised corporate governance creates the basis for all decision-making and control processes within our company. This orientation and the focus on our values is reflected in the cooperation between the Board of Directors, the Executive Board and the Supervisory Committee.

Board of Directors and Executive Board

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Johannes Runggaldier

Deputy Chairman

Theodor Grasser

Board of Directors

Alexander Kerschbaumer

Board of Directors

Georg Kössler

Board of Directors

Thomas Oberhofer

Board of Directors

Markus Pircher

Board of Directors

Klaus Weissenegger

Board of Directors and Chairman of the Supervisory Committee

Josef Auer

Board of Directors and Member of the Supervisory Committee

Friedrich Karl Alber

Board of Directors and Member of the Supervisory Committee

Joachim Blaas

Chief Executive Officer

Christoph Tappeiner

Deputy Director and Head of Administration 

Manuel Bentivoglio

Head of Raw Material Procurement

Hannes Andergassen

Head of HR 

Adin Gamper

Head of Operations

Daniel Obkircher

Head of Quality Assurance 

Daniel Pernstich

Head of Engineering

Christian Thaler

Head of Sales 

Hannes Werth

Märkte und Lösungen


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